With the Relif collection, ORSA NW acknowledges the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model. The articles in this collection are GRS (Global Recycled Standards) certified, they also come in different weights and colours, as a matter of fact they are made of recycled PET obtained from plastic bottles […]


Bigenial is our high tech product with zero environmental impact that combines the flexibility and elevated resistance of non-woven fabric with the breathability, ability to be thermoweldable and firmness of the biopolymer film. Mainly used in industrial packaging, the product is also highly effective in the food preservation field. Bigenial is available in different weights, […]


ORSA NW contributes to the proper management of the forest resources on international scale by producing materials using certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) viscose, which is biodegradable and compostable. The viscose used is extracted from trees coming from plantations managed in a responsible way both from a social and ecological point of view. The Ecovis […]


Our Orlux collection is the perfect fusion between practicality, functionality and aesthetics. The personalizable chromatic folder and the possibility to produce it in different weights and levels of thickness allow us to satisfy every request of our Customers. The skills developed throughout the years have given our Team the opportunity to develop several variants which […]


Historic brand in the Non-wovens world, the Linor Plus aims to be a valid alternative to real leather supports thanks to its distinctive softness, elasticity and high mechanical resistance. Personalizable in colour shade, density and thickness, this material makes it a downright plus that every shoe, handbag or accessory should have. Density Thickness Width Appearance […]


The Orfelt, first material to be designed by our Team at ORSA NW, is our flexible and high performing solution mainly used in the automotive and footwear sector. It’s available in different weights, in white, in black and in different shades. It can also be processed using physical and chemical treatments, depending on the technical […]


In order to satisfy the growing demand for natural fibres in the textile industry, ORSA NW has developed K-TEX, an innovative non-woven fabric entirely made up of bamboo fibre. Many high quality products are manufactured using our materials thanks to the several beneficial properties of the plant (such as hypoallergenicity, breathability, antimicrobial and antibacterial resistance). […]


Microjet is our microfiber product developed to satisfy the need to offer a practical, resistant and highly comfortable solution. Its peculiar micro-structure allows it to quickly absorb and release liquids, making it an ideal material for the cleaning, cosmetic and body care industries. Available in different versions and weights, it’s also possible to personalize the […]


Leading item in our hydroneedling line, our Jettex is extremely adaptable thanks to the numerous possible combinations regarding its weight, structure and composition. Available in white, in black and in other personalizable colours, our product lends itself to modern finishing processes in order to comply with the demands of the most disparate markets, from the […]