About us

ORSA NW is the Gruppo ORSA company that focuses on the production and refining of Non-Woven fabric. The company has been using traditional needle punching technology since the 70s and, starting in 1989, introduced the technology known as hydro needling, first to do so in Italy and third in the world. Over time the company has developed a wide range of high technical and quality products and asserts itself in relevant market contexts thanks to the gradual diversification of its business model. Always aware of new trends and the ever changing needs of its customers, ORSA NW is constantly committed to perfect its own materials and to realize innovative collections of high-tech products.



Non-woven fabric manufactured using traditional needle punching technology, in which the fibres are entwined by thousands of metal needles that, according to the penetration and number of stabs, grant a certain degree of firmness and softness.


Non-woven fabric manufactured using hydro needling technology which uses high pressure micro jets of water in order to bind together the fibres and obtain a very thin veil able to keep the same softness and drapery, as well as a notable mechanical resistance.


The non-woven fabric obtained can be further processed using finishing procedures such as:

Self-extinguishing, water-repellent and oleophobic treatments using traditional products and Fluorine Free

Thermal treatments in calender and oven

Coating Hot Melt with thermoplastic and thermosetting powders

Colouring and dyes

Cylinder printing of logos and specific motifs

Customisable cuts and packaging


In a highly competitive market, the chance to make innovative solutions for better and competitive product for out Clients is the key to strengthen the leadership.   For those reasons, ORSA NW has a Technical Laboratory equipped with pilot production plants in order to replicate varius treatments phases concerning needlepunch and impregnation technologies, as well as other instruments that allow qualitative and quantitative analysis of new raw materials and new products. State-of-the-art equipment and our know-how gained in several decades of activity allow us to offer a wide range of products, most of wich known worldwide for their unique performance.

Philosophy and Values


We accept the challenges coming from today and tomorrow’s markets with competitive and cutting edge products, thanks to the constant research and development activities conducted within our modern equipped labs. We are proud members of the most important technology centres and associations of our sector, we are constantly updated on the latest news of the Non-woven world.


We thoroughly analyse the incoming raw material and we certify the final product destined to the customer according to strict technical requirements.

With the international certification ISO 9001 we also guarantee the efficiency of our production processes, of our services and our business activities.


We accept all our Customers requests’, both big and small, ensuring the maximum productive flexibility, competitive prices and quick delivery times.


We offer customisable solutions in relation to the markets’ demands and to the specific needs of our Customers.


We guarantee a prompt technical sales assistance, highly professional during all the stages of the customer journey.


Common well-being, the protection of the environment and of its workers have always been at the centre of our company’s policy.

Certified by ICEA


In order to help the development of a sustainable production model, we offer on the market products which are GRS certified, manufactured using recycled raw materials. The Standard guarantees the traceability of the production process, places restrictions over the use of chemical products and compliance with environmental and social criteria during all the stages of the supply chain.

Our articles satisfy the strict requirements of the most important European standards in regards to the content of hazardous substances, among which OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 that ensures high and effective levels of safety.

We further committed to helping the environment cause by developing a specific collection of Green articles, manufactured using raw materials sourced from renewable and certified sources. With our line of products we try to limit as much as possible wastage and our ecological footprint, whilst guaranteeing the utmost attention in regards to the quality of our materials.

Ask for our certified viscose FSC

We actively participate in the management and protection of the global forest resources by using certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) viscose. The brand ensures that the entire wood-paper supply chain is certified and complies with the standards of a correct forest management, respectful of the environment, socially responsible and economically viable.


In order to reduce fuel energy consumption and the emission of polluting substances, ORSA NW, in 2020, installed a cogeneration plant with an endothermic engine fueled with natural gas. For every kWh consumed by our machines, we avoid the emission in the atmosphere of approximately 0.13kg of CO2!

Purification plant